LRAD Corporation Receives Order from US Navy

LRAD Corporation Receives Order from US Navy.

LRAD Corporation , the world’s leading provider of long range acoustic hailing devices (AHDs), announced today it has received an order from the U.S. Navy for LRAD 500XTM systems and Scram Carts. The Company has supplied LRAD® systems and services to the U.S. Navy since 2003. The order, worth in excess of $400,000, is scheduled to ship this quarter.

We’re pleased to receive this order and support U.S. Navy anti-terrorism force protection missions,” commented Tom Brown, president and CEO of LRAD Corporation. “After competitive testing and proven performance at sea, the U.S. Navy is using our full line of LRAD systems to assist them in defusing potentially lethal situations and saving lives on both sides of the Long Range Acoustic Device®.”

LRAD Corporation Receives Order from US Navy..

LRAD 500X systems broadcast powerful, multi-language voice commands and deterrent tones that can be clearly heard and understood over distances up to 1.5 miles. Through focused, highly intelligible long-range communication, LRAD systems create large safety zones, determine intent and resolve uncertain situations peacefully.

The Company’s proprietary Scram Cart is a portable platform specifically designed for use in harsh maritime conditions. The mobile configuration enables rapid deployment, transportation and storage of a LRAD 500X system by a single operator. The rugged, weatherproof Scram Cart includes a self-contained battery pack that provides up to 6 hours of continuous, full-power operation, eliminating the need for external power.

About LRAD Corporation
LRAD Corporation’s Long Range Acoustic Device® (LRAD®) directional communication systems are being used around the world in diverse applications including fixed and mobile military deployments, maritime security, critical infrastructure and perimeter security, commercial security, border and port security, law enforcement and emergency responder communications, and wildlife preservation and control.

Naval Today Staff , April 12, 2012; Image: LRAD