Pacific Fleet Task Force Sets Course for Yellow Sea

Pacific Fleet Task Force Sets Course for Yellow Sea

Pacific Fleet (PF) task force comprising Guards missile cruiser Varyag, destroyers Marshal Shaposhnikov, Admiral Vinogradov, and salvage tug SB-522 left bases setting a course for the Yellow Sea. There it will meet destroyer Admiral Tributs, tanker Pechenga, and seagoing tug MB-37 heading from the Gulf of Aden.

Active phase of the Maritime Cooperation 2012 Russian-Chinese naval exercise will be held in Apr 22-27 in the Yellow Sea. It will be the first and the most critical training element for PF servicemen in 2012; they will demonstrate naval skills to foreign counterparts.

Representatives of Pacific Fleet command, Russian Orthodox Church, Fokino town administration, and veteran organizations saw off Russian mariners on the pier of Strelok Bay. Commander of PF Primorskaya Flotilla RADM Viktor Sokolov wished sailors successfully accomplish all training tasks and worthily represent St. Andrew’s Flag [Russian naval ensign] at the exercise.

Remarkable fact is that PF ships had already participated in joint Russian-Chinese exercise Peace Mission 2005 held in China under aegis of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Concept of the coming exercise provides various scenarios of joint anti-piracy and counter-terror actions. Russian ships are expected to return home early in May.

Source: Russian Navy, April 18, 2012; Image: mil