HNLMS VAN AMSTEL Completes Two Escorts of WFP

HNLMS VAN AMSTEL Completes Two Escorts of WFP

Dutch EU NAVFOR warship HNLMS VAN AMSTEL completed two escorts of World Food Programme (WFP) chartered merchant vessels Mary Ann Hudson and Golden Bridge, on a tour between 14 and 17 April from Berbera to Bosaso and back.

Both escorts in this high risk area were carried out smoothly and without any incident.

During the first escort, the Lynx helicopter of HNLMS VAN AMSTEL transferred a crewmember of MV MARY ANN HUDSON to Djibouti, thus helped to save time by preventing a port visit.

On invitation the Lynx helicopter also landed on MV MARY ANN HUDSON to gain a picture of the anti-piracy measures in place on the vessel, such as the citadel (safe room). This flight was combined with an exercise for the boarding team of HNLMS VAN AMSTEL.

Thanks to these escorts the EU Operation Atalanta enabled the World Food Programme to safely deliver humanitarian aid to the population in Somalia.

Naval Today Staff , April 19, 2012; Image: eunavfor