Kenya: Pirates Get 11 Years Jail

Pirates Get 11 Years Jail

All eleven pirates that were apprehended by EU Naval Force warship FS Nivose in May 2009 and transferred to Kenyan authorities in May 2009 were found guilty on 19 April 2012.  By ruling of the Magistrate the eleven pirates now face 20 years imprisonment.

It was 3 years ago when French frigate FS Nivose – part of the European Union Naval Force Operation Atalanta, stopped a pirate mother ship.  The pirates had tried to escape in two skiffs, but the frigate’s helicopter foiled the attempt. With the evidence found and confiscated, the suspects were detained and handed over to Kenyan authorities for onwards prosecution.

In April 2012, the legal finish that the EU Naval Force seeks with every disruption, has been achieved and counter piracy efforts rewarded with a 20 year jail term for those pirates.

Naval Today Staff , April 26, 2012; Image: eunavfor