UK: HMS Echo’s AB Sally Owen Receives Prestigious Award

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HMS Echo's AB Sally Owen Receives Prestigious Award

HMS Echo’s AB Sally Owen has been awarded a prestigious award for her excellence in hydrographic and meteorological training.

The junior rating received the Navy’s premier award for her achievements in hydrographic and meteorological training: the Hambone Trophy.

The trophy is a model sextant – often regarded as the symbol of the Royal Navy’s Hydrographic Survey Flotilla – and is said to resemble a ham bone (hence the name).

It was created by the Survey Ships’ Association in memory of Cdr John Mackay and is presented to the able seaman who received the highest score in basic training at the Hydrographic and Meteorological Training School at HMS Drake in Devonport.

The trophy was delivered to the Devonport-based vessel when she took a short break from her survey mission to pay a formal visit to the great Indian port of Mumbai.

Once aboard it was presented to the young sailor by Echo’s out-going Commanding Officer Cdr Mike O’Sullivan.

“I really enjoyed my training at the Hydrographic and Meteorological School in Devonport and found the course to be interesting but challenging. I’m very pleased to be awarded this trophy,” said Sally.

She joined Echo on the ship’s two-year deployment to the Indian Ocean and Middle East and works as a junior hydrographic surveyor assisting underwater surveys and providing security at sea.

Her strong performance on course will enable her to use Echo’s state-of-the-art multi-beam sonar system which scans the sea bed to detect underwater dangers.

The information she collects whilst onboard will be used by mariners around the world to update charts and to ensure their navigational safety.

Naval Today Staff , April 26, 2012; Image: royalnavy