Scotland: SeeByte Scores SeeTrack Military Order From EdgeTech

SeeByte Scores SeeTrack Military Order From EdgeTech

SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software technology for unmanned systems, has today announced that an order for fifteen software licences of SeeTrack Military has been confirmed through EdgeTech.

The purchase comes in support of the Littoral Mine Countermeasure SONAR (LMCS) system from EdgeTech; LMCS is an advanced mine and underwater IED hunting system which combines EdgeTech’s proprietary Dynamically Focused and Multi-Pulse side scan sonar technologies to provide exceptional swath coverage and ultra-high resolution imagery.

Through the purchase of SeeTrack Military, a mission-planning, monitoring and post-processing tool, and its additional modules ATR (Automatic Target Recognition) and PATT (Performance Analysis and Training Tool), EdgeTech will be better placed to meet the technical requirements of their customers.

The ATR module will be used to detect specific regions in side-scan sonar data that potentially correspond to an object previously learned by the system. Obvious false alarms are removed, creating an accurate map of contacts for operators to examine within the surveyed area. PATT allows users to add synthetic, but highly realistic, images of objects to real mission data, providing a clear understanding of the actual performance of the MCM system and sensors in use.

Rick Babicz, Director of Government Business at EdgeTech, commented: “The LMCS product has been developed in response to growing requirements from navies to work with leading vendors of commercial and military off the shelf products. Our partnering with SeeByte provides a real-time ATR capability that simplifies the task of the operator making the systems more accessible to all levels of users.”

SeeByte CEO, Bob Black, commented: “We are pleased to be able to assist EdgeTech in providing an accurate MCM solution to their customers. SeeTrack Military is a prime example of a tried-and-tested product for many of the LMCS applications such as detection & classification of IED’s and mine countermeasures.”

Naval Today Staff, May 07, 2012; Image: SeeByte