Croatian Navy Holds “Summer 2012” Exercise

Croatian Navy Haolds 'Summer 2012' Exercise

Exercise of forces for the upcoming fire-fighting season, “Summer 2012”, was held on  Friday 4th, in “Prince Trpimir” Barracks in Divulje.
The exercise was attended by the Prime Minister Zoran Milanović, Defence Minister Ante Kotromanović, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić, Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Drago Lovrić with his associates, Director of National Protection and Rescue Directorate Jadran Perinić, CMRS head Vinko Prizmić, Chief Fire-fighting Commander Mladen Jurin and other fire-fighting representatives.

The exercise demonstrated the willingness of CAF fire-fighting task force, namely air force, land and marine forces, and good coordination with other forces involved in the fire-fighting season – NPRD, Croatian Fire Community, CMRS. In addition it was shown how the Armed Forces act in some other situations that might happen on the ground during the fire fighting such as the extraction of civilians, landing on rough terrain and the like.
After the exercise, Prime Minister Zoran Milanović said that we cannot escape from fires in the summer but we must be ready for them. He also said that there would be enough funding for this fire-fighting season.
Defence Minister Ante Kotromanović said that forces were prepared well. He stressed that over the years a lot of efforts have been put on the synchronization among the CAF, NPRD, firefighters and CMRS. “The common practice is very important to be able to act in the best possible way.” He stressed that the air force was ready, but he hoped that it would not be used much. Kotromanović invited all citizens to take care to avoid large fires, watch the fire, especially to avoid human victims.

Chief of General Staff confirmed that the Armed Forces were ready for the fire-fighting season. “In addition to forces that are constantly on the alert at every moment we can employ 500 extra people if this requirement is set”, General Lovrić said.

Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces participate in the preparation and implementation of fire-fighting season, based on the Government Program on the implementation of special fire protection measures of interest for the Republic of Croatia. CAF organized Task Force for supporting fire-fighting forces with emphasis on the coast and island.

CAF Fire-fighting Task Force (CAF FF TF) tasks are numerous and range from providing assistance and support to fire-fighting units in extinguishing forest fires, transporting firefighters, supply and evacuation of affected populations, to search and rescue and other.

Naval Today Staff, May 08, 2012; Image: morh