USA: NWDC HQ to Host Junior Leader Innovation Symposium in June

NWDC HQ to Host Junior Leader Innovation Symposium in June

Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) is hosting a Junior Leader Innovation Symposium at NWDC’s headquarters aboard Naval Station Norfolk, June 6.

The event is open to all E-5 through O-4 personnel and will be broadcasted live through Defense Connect Online (DCO) to encourage participation from junior leaders across the Fleet.

Under the theme, “Engaging and Empowering Junior Leaders to Regain Our Innovation Advantage,” the symposium aims to educate junior leaders on the importance of innovation, empower them to contribute new ideas, generate cross-domain discussions, and harvest ideas on key issues confronting the Navy.

This is the second event of NWDC’s “Innovation Series 2012,” designed to reinvigorate a culture of innovation throughout the Fleet.

“Junior leaders must be engaged for our campaign to regain the Navy’s innovation advantage to be successful,” said Rear Adm. Terry B. Kraft, commander, Navy Warfare Development Command. “Our young enlisted Sailors and officers are inherently more risk-tolerant, technologically savvy and open to new ways of doing things than their senior counterparts, making them more suited to embracing and adopting innovative ideas and solutions.”

Vice Adm. John M. Richardson, commander, Submarine Forces, will provide the keynote address. Kraft will also provide remarks and serve as host.

Lt. Benjamin Kohlmann, the founder of Disruptive Thinkers, a San Diego-based, crowdsourced think tank, focused on linking intellectually curious military officers with successful civilian entrepreneurs, will speak on “Disrupted Innovation: A Junior Officer’s Perspective.”

Capt. Michael Junge of “Sailor Bob” will discuss his experience as a counterculture thinker in a military environment, and Dr. Peter Denning, author of “The Innovator’s Way: Essential Practices for Successful Innovation, will provide his perspectives on “Innovation as Practice.” Additional speakers will include enlisted leadership and industry professionals.

A pre-event online discussion will begin the collaboration process. Participants will be asked to visit NWDC’s Facebook page and contribute ideas and potential solutions to current Navy challenges. The content from the online discussion will be the basis for a workshop during the symposium, and some of the potential solutions will be brought forward to senior Navy leadership.


Naval Today Staff , May 10, 2012; Image: navy