USA: NECC to Establish New Command

 NECC to Establish New Command

Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) is establishing a new command, the Coastal Riverine Force (CORIVFOR), a merger of Riverine Group 1 and the Maritime Expeditionary Security Force (MESF), June 1.

CORIVFOR will perform core maritime expeditionary security missions in the green and brown waters bridging the gap between traditional Navy blue water operations and land-based forces, spanning the capabilities that currently reside with the riverine and expeditionary security force.

“We are combining maritime expeditionary and riverine forces to preserve a range of capabilities in brown, blue and green water environments,” said Capt. James C. Hamblet, commodore of Maritime Expeditionary Security Group (MESG) 2. “Although Coastal Riverine Force will predominantly perform force protection type missions, when required it will be capable of conducting offensive operations which will enhance mission effectiveness throughout the force.”

CORIVFOR will be composed of active and Reserve component unit capable of defending high value assets against a determined enemy and, when ordered, conducting offensive combat operations. Capable of conducting 24-hour operations, CORIVFOR will provide port and harbor security, offshore protection for maritime infrastructure and Military Sealift Command ships operating in coastal waterways. When necessary elements of this force will provide offensive combat capabilities.

CORIVFOR will utilize a mix of maritime expeditionary security and riverine equipment with plans to procure additional craft in the future.

CORIVFOR will be comprised of two Echelon IV groups, Coastal Riverine Group (CORIVGRU) 1 homeported in Imperial Beach, Calif. with squadrons located in San Diego at the Naval Amphibious Base. CORIVGRU 2 will be homeported in Portsmouth, Va. with active squadrons located at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLC-FS), Va., a forward deployed detachment in Bahrain, and reserve squadrons located in Newport, R.I. and Jacksonville, Fla.

“By combining capabilities we will be able to provide a more effective way of expanding maritime security both inland and on coastal waterways,” said Hamblet.

The establishment of Coastal Riverine Force will take place June 1 at JEBLC-FS for CORIVGRU 2 and Imperial Beach, Calif. for CORIVGRU 1. The force’s initial operating capability is slated for October 2012 and the CORIVFOR will reach Full Operational Capability in Oct. 2014. All current and scheduled routine deployments will continue as normal. Hamblet will become the first commodore of CORIVGRU 2. Capt. Eric Moss, commordore of Maritime Expeditionary Security Group (MESG) 1, will command CORIVGRU 1.

CORIVFOR is a component of NECC and provides flexible responsive maritime security forces capable of performing high level security.


Naval Today Staff , May 15, 2012; Image: US Navy