Rolls-Royce Wins Equipment Supply Order for Three Turkish Navy Ships

Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, has won an order to supply propulsion equipment for three new ships commissioned by the Turkish Navy.

Istanbul Shipyard will design and build one Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP) and two Rescue and Towing Ships at their yard in Tuzla. Rolls-Royce will supply tunnel thrusters and retractable thrusters for all three vessels. In addition Roll-Royce Azipull main propulsion thrusters will be supplied for the MOSHIP.

This is the first order for thrusters that Rolls-Royce has received from the Turkish Navy, which is planning a significant ship building programme in the coming years.

Sam Cameron, Rolls-Royce, Senior Vice President – Naval Sales and Business Development said: “The Turkish Navy is an important customer, with whom we have a strong relationship. Our technology is particularly well suited to naval applications and we look forward to developing the relationship with both the Istanbul Shipyard and the Turkish Navy in the future.”

Rolls-Royce supplies seventy navies around the world and has previously supplied controllable pitch propellers and sonar handling systems to the Turkish Navy.

Azipull thrusters rotate through 360 degrees and can propel the ship in any direction offering high manoeuvrability, without the need for a rudder. This technology enables vessels to hold their position more effectively, which is especially important for vessels carrying out search and rescue missions.


Naval Today Staff , May 21, 2012; Image: Istanbul Shipyard