US Navy Announces New Uniform Components, Regulations

US Navy Announces New Uniform Components, Regulations

NAVADMIN 164/12, released May 18, announced the chief of naval operations’ (CNO) approval of a number of changes to uniforms and uniform wear policy.

“These uniform changes are the direct result of Sailor and leadership feedback,” said Rear Adm. Tony Kurta, director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy. “Updating Navy uniforms is part of outfitting the 21st Century Sailor, ensuring our Sailors have practical uniforms they want and that represent our proud naval heritage while reflecting advances in clothing technology and design.”

An improved design of the male E1-E6 Service Dress Blue (SDB) Uniform, incorporating a side zipper on the jumper and a hidden center zipper on the trousers, is approved. The uniform is scheduled to begin distribution in October 2015, at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, and Fleet availability is expected by October 2018. Specific details regarding fleet availability will be announced in a future NAVADMIN.

The E1-E6 men’s and women’s Service Dress White (SDW) jumper approved design improvements include incorporating a side zipper, front and rear yoke, Navy blue piping on the flap, and sleeve cuffs with Navy blue piping and button fasteners. Introduction of the new E1-E6 SDW will begin October 2015, at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes. Fleet roll out will begin by October 2018. Specific details regarding Fleet availability will be announced in a future NAVADMIN.

The contemporary design for Service Dress Khaki (SDK) is approved for optional wear. Detailed guidance on the occasion for wear and Fleet availability will be announced in a future NAVADMIN.

A number of changes to the Navy flight suit occasion and manner of wear are contained in the NAVADMIN, including changes to the approved colors for undershirts and aligning the manner of wear of the one-piece flight suit with the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type I.

Among the changes to NWU policy approved in the NAVADMIN is the option to wear a nametape on the left shoulder pocket flap of the NWU Type I Parka, beginning July, 17. These nametapes will be purchased at the Sailor’s expense during the optional period. Nametapes will become mandatory Oct 1, 2013. Sailors will receive a clothing replacement allowance to help purchase one additional nametape for the parka.

Other changes to the NWU policy include the approval to wear as an optional item a nylon webbing rigger belt and NWU pattern foul weather Gore-Tex trousers. The optional rigger belt will be a one and three-fourth inch wide, one-piece adjustable nylon webbing, metal or plastic buckle. Belts worn by E-1 through E-6 personnel will be black, while belts worn by E-7 and above will be tan/khaki.

Sailors will be able to buy the NWU pattern foul weather Gore-Tex trousers for wear during inclement weather to and from home and work. Personally purchased trousers will not be worn to perform official or assigned duties. The trousers will be available for purchase at selected Navy Exchange Uniform Centers, on-line and 1-800 call centers beginning Oct. 1.

The NAVADMIN includes a list of additional commands authorized to wear the NWU Type III (Woodland) for daily and deployment and deployment training wear, as well as further guidance on approval authority for the wear of this uniform. Fleet Commanders (USFF and PACFLT) will now be the authorizing authority for wear of the NWU Type III for deployment and pre-deployment work up/training. When not in a deployment or pre-deployment training status, personnel will wear the NWU Type I or service uniform as appropriate.

In June 2013, an optional redesigned khaki maternity blouse with adjustable waist tabs and slightly shorter length will be available in regular and long sizes. The blouse will become a mandatory, as needed, item in 2015.

The NAVADMIN also approved several insignia and badge additions and changes including standardizing the design and reducing the number of Navy Security Forces Identification badges from eight to three badges: U.S. Navy Security Forces, U.S. Navy Corrections Specialist and U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms.

A Strategic Sealift Officer Warfare Insignia (SSOWI) for wear by officers who have successfully completed the qualification requirements will be available May 2013. The United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) identification badge is authorized to be worn by officers and enlisted assigned to USCYBERCOM beginning July 17.

Also beginning July 17, the Marine Corps Combatant Diver (MCD) breast insignia is authorized for wear on Navy uniforms by Sailors that successfully meet all qualification requirements stipulated in MILPERSMAN article 1220-101, (U.S. Marine Corps Marine Combatant Diver Breast Insignia and Designation).

Naval Today Staff, May 22, 2012; Image: US Navy