USA: ONI’s Commanding Officer Receives 2012 Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award

ONI's Commanding Officer Receives 2012 Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award 1

The commanding officer of the Office of Naval Intelligence’s Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center, was honored with the 2012 Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award at a banquet and ceremony in McLean, Va., May 20.

The award is presented annually by the National Military Intelligence Association and the National Military Intelligence Foundation to the active duty Naval Intelligence professional whose contributions to the Navy best exemplify the dedication to duty and the unique accomplishments of Vice Adm. Taylor.

“Many, many great people in my command deserve plenty of credit for this award,” said award recipient Capt. William Bray. “They work very hard to ensure both sailors in the fleet and leaders at the highest reaches of government are well supported with the best maritime intelligence in the world.”

Bray, who assumed command of the Nimitz Center in July 2010, was cited for his command’s improved outreach to fleet and Navy leaders and key national decision makers. Among his achievements, he spearheaded a regular push of intelligence briefings to theater and fleet commanders, and initiated timely and frequent sharing of vital operational intelligence with five Combatant Commands, three fleets, deployed forces, the intelligence community and the highest levels of national and Navy leadership.

Additionally, under Bray’s command, the Nimitz Center provided crisis response intelligence support during the 2011 “Arab Spring” uprisings and other events of heightened tensions, and became the intelligence community’s recognized lead for global maritime trade, proliferation, ship tracking, narcotics smuggling and piracy analysis.

Capt. Bray has distinguished himself while serving as Commanding Officer of the Nimitz Center by brilliantly performing in a pinnacle position of command,” said Capt. Robert Rupp, commander, Office of Naval Intelligence.An exemplary leader committed to ensuring world class analysis and production, he skillfully led his team of more than 500 military and civilian analysts in support of naval operations and civil maritime intelligence efforts worldwide.”

The award is named for Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor, who made naval history as a superb manager and signals intelligence analyst. He played a leading role in the analysis of Japanese codes in World War II. His efforts provided critical intelligence to naval commanders which contributed significantly to the Allied victory.

“Ensuring expert maritime analysis is always available to the Navy warfighter and Joint Force Commander is fundamental to the Navy operational intelligence culture. We can never lose sight of this fact,” said Bray.

The Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center is an echelon III command within the Office of Naval Intelligence. Founded in 1882, ONI is the nation’s longest-serving intelligence agency.


Naval Today Staff , May 23, 2012; Image: ONI