Bahrain, UK Praise Historic Ties Aboard HMS Triumph

Bahrain, UK Praise Historic Ties Aboard HMS Triumph

Brigadier General Khalifa bin Abdulla Al Khalifa – Commander of the Royal Bahrain Naval Force called upon HMS Triumph during her recent visit to Mina Salman, Bahrain.

The Brigadier General expressed his delight at being able to visit the boat and praised the strong links between Bahrain and the United Kingdom.

He commented that the historic ties between the two Kingdoms are being maintained not only by such visits and the support implicit in them, but also by the continued education and training provided by British military establishments to Bahraini Forces.

He hoped that these ties will both continue and become stronger in the future.

Commander Dunn responded that deployments such as that being undertaken by Triumph would not be possible without the support of key regional allies such as Bahrain and that their friendship is of paramount importance.

Following a presentation on Triumph’s capabilities and a short tour Brigadier General departed commenting that the members of the Ship’s Company he had met were in good spirits and they were clearly proud of HMS TRIUMPH and her recent achievements.


Naval Today Staff , May 25, 2012; Image: Royal Navy