Norway: Flying Tigers Test Flexibility Alongside European Counterparts

Flying Tigers Test Flexibility Alongside European Counterparts

Exercise Dynamic Mongoose commences today and the ‘Flying Tigers’ of 814 Naval Air Squadron are poised to show their capability in the challenging Norwegian environment.

Working alongside the Norwegian Navy, as well other European counterparts, the Tigers’ flexibility in operations will be tested vigorously. Using their state-of-the-art Merlin Mk 1 helicopters (known as pingers as their onboard sonar ‘pings’ submarines), 814 Naval Air Squadron will be hunting the silent threat as well as conducting surveillance and vertical replenishment procedures.

The Commanding Officer of 814, Commander Chris Stock, said:

“We are relishing the chance to take part in some of the highest calibre submarine hunting available, giving us the chance to show our NATO colleagues what the Fleet Air Arm Pingers can do.

Exercise Dynamic Mongoose provides a fantastic opportunity for 814 to embrace the Norwegian culture and re-generate its core maritime capabilities in anti-submarine warfare.”

The Culdrose-based squadron will be deploying two of their helicopters as well as 55 personnel, and will be involved in anti-submarine warfare. This will involve air, surface and subsurface operations at not only unit level, but Task Group level as well.

Operating from Sola Airbase, Stavanger, Norway, the Tigers will be pursuing hunter-killer class submarines – actively with sonar, and passively by listening to the submarines’ movements.

Midshipman Jimmy Still, deploying for the first time with the squadron, said:

“I am very excited about taking part in this exercise, it will be great to see first hand the capability of our Merlin Mk1 helicopters. I am eager to experience a dash of Norwegian culture as well.”

Dynamic Mongoose is a key part of the build of for Op Cougar, 814’s primary deployment that commences later in the year.

Having just completed Exercise Joint Warrior, the Flying Tigers are eager to utilise their trained strength and show their capability as a powerful front-line squadron.


Naval Today Staff , May 25, 2012; Image: Royal Navy