Norway: NATO Begins New Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise

NATO Begins New Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise

Between 29 May and 06 June 2012, NATO will conduct a new Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise. DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 12, as the exercise is called, will take place off the coast of Norway and involve four submarines, 11 aircrafts and four surface ships provided by seven NATO nations.

The objective is to provide the best anti-submarine warfare training to NATO naval forces and to guarantee their interoperability in a multi-national environment.

Four submarines from Germany, the Netherlands and Norway are scheduled to join the exercise. Each submarine will have the opportunity to conduct a variety of submarine operations either in a ‘hunting’ or in a ‘hunted’ situation. Four surface warships from France, Germany and Norway will participate in the exercise under the tactical command of the Norwegian Warship HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen. Maritime Patrol Aircrafts (Canadian, French, German and Norwegian) and Anti-Submarine Helicopters (Polish, French and British) will operate from air bases in Sola, Norway and Nordholz, Germany. These two air bases will also ensure control of air operations.

The exercise will be directed from the NATO Maritime Headquarter in Northwood, United Kingdom by Commander Submarines North (COMSUBNORTH) and Commander Maritime Air (COMMARAIR).


Naval Today Staff , May 30, 2012; Image: NATO