Dutch Fighter Aircrafts Fly Off to NATO Tiger Meet

Dutch Fighter Aircrafts  Fly Off to NATO Tiger Meet

Seven F-16 fighter aircraft from Volkel Air Base took off on May 27 to take part in a two-week multinational exercise in Norway.

During this so-called NATO Tiger Meet, pilots from 313 Squadron carry out complex missions at the higher end of the spectrum of force. These large-scale exercises, which are becoming more and more rare due to financial constraints, are crucial to maintaining the operational readiness of F-16 pilots.

According to squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel André Steur, the robustness of the threat systems on the ground and in the air demands the utmost of the pilots. “It requires them to use all their knowledge and skills”.

The international cooperation has proved its worth in missions such as in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and, last year, in Libya. The threat level and tasks in these missions varied widely for the pilots. Steur: “It’s all about being prepared for the next conflict. And it helps if you know what you can expect from each other as coalition partners. The motto “train as you fight” is very much in the forefront during this type of exercise. It helps create standardisation and trust”.


Naval Today Staff, May 31, 2012; Image: Dutch MoD