UK: HMS Diamond Ready for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Bae Systems has recently completed a scheduled programme of engineering for HMS Diamond in time for her to take top billing and launch Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations on 1 June 2012.

The engineering work was completed to a very demanding schedule, by the Type 45 Class Output Management Team (Type 45 COM) and the BAE Systems Ship Delivery Team based at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth.

The work included fitting equipment for future missions which included employing innovative underwater engineering solutions.

Captain Ian Shipperley, Head of the MoD’s Destroyers Strategic Class Authority, commented “This was a significant package of work, completed in a taught timescale. Nevertheless, it was delivered successfully and on time and HMS Diamond is now materially ready for both the Jubilee and her intended future operations”.

The Type 45 is the largest and most powerful Air Defence Destroyer ever built for the Royal Navy. It is a versatile platform capable of contributing to worldwide maritime and joint operations in multi threat environments. It will perform tasks across the spectrum from peace keeping support to high intensity warfare.


Naval Today Staff, May 31, 2012; Image: Bae Systems