UK: Sailors from HMS Raleigh Pay Special Tribute to Her Majesty The Queen

Sailors from HMS Raleigh Pay Special Tribute to Her Majesty The Queen

Members of Corporate Squadron, undergoing their professional training at the Royal Navy establishment in Torpoint, displayed two fundamental elements of Naval discipline in forming the letters – marching and fitness.  All those taking part in the tribute have been in the Royal Navy for less than a year.

The trainees forming the II are shown undertaking an Initial Military Fitness (IMF) exercise, a highly disciplined method of fitness used to reinforce the militarisation process during recruit training at HMS Raleigh.  Backed up by parade training, demonstrated by those forming the E and the R, generates a sense of real pride in each young recruit.

The sequence was put together by Petty Officer Sarah Colclough with the help of Leading Physical Trainer Craig Bryant and input from HMS Raleigh’s parade staff, public relations team and two photographers from the Fleet Photographic Unit (West), Leading Airmen Photographers Joel Rouse and Rob Gillies, who also filmed the sequence.

HMS Raleigh is the Royal Navy’s largest training establishment in the South West. All new Rating recruits to the Service undergo their ten week basic training course at HMS Raleigh.  The course teaches recruits the basic skills they will require throughout their time in the Service.   It includes a series of mental and physical challenges to develop the Royal Navy’s core values of commitment, courage, discipline, respect, integrity and loyalty.  The establishment also conducts specialist training delivering seamanship, submarine operations, logistics, military and board and search skills.

Naval Today Staff , June 4, 2012; Image: Royal Navy