U.S. Will Support Implementation of Maritime Rights in South China Sea

Leon Panetta, U.S. Defense Secretary paid an inaugural to Vietnam on Sunday with the aim of conveying a message to the partners in the Asia –Pacific region that Washington stands strong behind its decision to provide assistance in development and implementation of maritime rights in the South China Sea, claimed by Beijing, the Associated Press informed.

Panetta addressed the journalists at the Cam Ranh Bay, the strategic deep water port that was a U.S. base during the Vietnam War, which is of considerable historic importance for the two countries.

Stressing that the two countries should build up their cooperation erected on their historic ties, the Associated Press cited Panetta as saying:

“The new defense strategy that we have put in place for the United States represents a number of key elements that will be tested in the Asia-Pacific region”.

The U.S. is insisting on a strong presence and intensive cooperation with its allies in the region, which on the other hand is seen by China as a potential threat.


Naval Today Staff, June 5, 2012