Croatian Navy Missile Gunboat ‘Vukovar’ Participates in ‘ADRION LIVEX 12’

Croatian Navy Missile Gunboat 'Vukovar' Participates in 'ADRION LIVEX 12'

Croatian Navy missile gunboat “Vukovar” (RTOP-41) and 30 crew members participate in international military exercises “ADRION LIVEX 12” which is conducted from 4 to 8 June 2012 in the port of Koper – Slovenia and in international waters.
The international military exercise “ADRION LIVEX 12” is a multilateral naval exercise carried out in order to improve the interoperability of the ADRION Initiative navies in the implementation of maritime operations – search and rescue, force protection, maritime manoeuvring and communications, maritime interception operations, and training of procedures in planning and implementation of multinational operations to strengthen security at sea.

The implementation of the exercise, which involved naval forces of Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Croatia, in the port of Koper in the Slovenian territorial sea, is the continuation of further strengthening of ADRION Initiative as the most important forms of regional cooperation and mutual trust of navies of countries with access to the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea.

Missile gunboat “Vukovar” (RTOP-41) of Helsinki class is 45 meters long, 8.9 meters wide, with a top speed of 32 knots. The ship is part of the Croatian Navy Fleet since 2008. By commissioning “Dubrovnik” and “Vukovar” Helsinki class ship to Croatian Navy, surface and anti-submarine underwater detection capability of the Navy have been increased.

Naval Today Staff, June 6, 2012; Image: Croatian Navy