NRP Tridente Visits Naval Station Norfolk

Portugal marked its first trans-Atlantic submarine trip when NRP Tridente arrived at Naval Station Norfolk, June 14. Tridente is here to participate in the multi-national Fleet Training Exercise War of 1812 (FLEETEX) from June 19 to 29.

“The Portuguese are one of our European allies,” said Cmdr. Tom Winter, commanding officer of USS Montpelier (SSN 765), which is hosting Tridente during its stay in Norfolk. “We’re very pleased to be able to show hospitality to our Portuguese allies just as they show to us when we go on deployment.”

More than 20 ships and aircraft from the U.S., Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Canada and Brazil are scheduled to participate in the exercise.
FLEETEX will include realistic tactical scenarios that will allow U.S. Sailors and sailors from other countries to hone their skills and increase their levels of operational readiness.

“We get the opportunity to practice anti-submarine warfare tactics against diesel submarines which are prevalent throughout the world by participating in exercises with our allies,” said Winter. “They also get benefits by participating in exercises with the United States because they get to practice anti-surface warfare and other aspects of their naval activities.”

Among other benefits Winter noted were the sharing of each Navy’s traditions and customs as well as tactics and other ideas about how to strengthen each service’s navel undersea warfare.

Tridente, a diesel submarine, has a crew of 33 sailors and is commanded by Lt. Cmdr. Bruno Ricardo Amaral Henriques. After FLEETEX, Tridente’s next port of call will be Groton, Conn.

Naval Today Staff , June 15, 2012