HSV 2 Hosts NCIS Port Security Exchange with Mozambicans

HSV 2 Hosts NCIS Port Security Exchange with Mozambicans

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) personnel embarked on board High Speed Vessel Swift (HSV 2) shared port security tactics and training with civilian and military members from Mozambique, graduating eight students June 14 during an Africa Partnership Station (APS) 2012 port visit.

The Assessment Methodology Seminar covered port security standard procedures and future methods assessments. The students were divided evenly between members of the Mozambique military and Port Maputo security officials.

“The common theme I heard from everyone who attended the course was its value in opening the lines of communication in the subject matter, where they were provided with a recognized skill set. It gave the students confidence to present this information to their superiors and peers,” said NCIS Special Agent Allyson Kidd.

Kidd led the course of instruction aided by Chief Master-at-Arms Jeff Elwood and Chief Master-at-Arms Aaron Bienkowski, both subject matter experts from Security Training Assessment and Assistance Team (STAAT).

The course progressed over four days of instruction, going over a variety of focus areas by taking students through classroom training and a walk through of the port. It was a chance to bring different stakeholders together in the interest of discussing port security.

“We looked at things like lighting and signage. After the classroom material, the walk through, real-world application made the course material really gel for the students, and at the same time helped to update our assessment of the port,” said Kidd.

This is just one of the many knowledge exchanges taking place during APS, as each visit serves to enhance the relationship between partner nations involved.

“In terms of security we now have an enhanced understanding of where we’re currently at, what we need to do to better ourselves, and where we want to be headed in the future,” said Estevao Sitoe, Port Maputo security officer.

As Swift sails north to make additional APS port stops the NCIS personnel on board will continue to hold port security classes, adding maritime crime and piracy to the course offering exchange.

APS is an international security cooperation initiative aimed at strengthening global maritime partnerships through training and collaborative activities in order to improve maritime safety and security in Africa. APS is inspired by the belief that effective maritime security will contribute to development, economic prosperity and security, and will help deter violent extremist ideology ashore.

Naval Today Staff , June 18, 2012; Image: US Navy