UK: Queen Praises Men, Women of Navy for Daimond Jubilee Efforts

Queen Praises Men, Women of Navy for Daimond Jubilee Efforts

The Queen yesterday praised the men and women of the Navy for their Diamond Jubilee efforts – and ordered the monarchy’s age-old thank-you to the Senior Service: splice the mainbrace.

Royal Navy personnel were at the heart of commemorations to mark Her Majesty’s 60-year reign, from HMS Diamond’s 21-gun salute entering Portsmouth Harbour to the participation of ships, boats, sailors, Royal Marines and Royal Marines Bands at the Thames River Pageant, and lining the route at processions through the capital.

In a personal message to the Naval Service, Her Majesty said:

“Please convey my warm thanks to all those who serve in the Royal Navy for their kind message of loyal greetings, sent on the occasion of my official birthday and the 60th anniversary of my accession to the throne.

“In this Diamond Jubilee year, Prince Philip and I send our good wishes to you all. Splice the mainbrace.”

The order dates back to the days of sail when an extra ration of rum was issued for sailors who completed the difficult task of splicing the mainbrace.

In the modern age, the order is traditionally issued by the monarch or senior member of the Royal Family to mark special occasions, such as royal weddings and Fleet Reviews.

First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope has passed on the Queen’s thanks.

“I am delighted that her Majesty the Queen has recognised the Naval Service in this way – and am especially pleased with her direction to splice the mainbrace.

“Make it so – as and when considered appropriate.”

Naval Today Staff, June 20, 2012; Image: Royal Navy