UK: Lady Johns Celebrates Her Diamond Birthday on Board HMS Diamond

Lady Johns Celebrates her Diamond Birthday on Board HMS Diamond

Lady Johns, wife of Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns, the current Governor of Gibraltar and former Second Sea Lord, met senior officers as she celebrated her diamond birthday on board the Portsmouth-based Type 45 ship.

“She launched this ship back in November 2007 and has watched us with keen interest since that time, but especially over the last two years since the ship was fully manned,” said the ship’s Commanding Officer, Commander Ian Clarke.

“She’s seen us through trials and training and she came to our commissioning last May.

“So it’s been great to welcome her on board here in Gibraltar and to come and meet the ship’s company again.”

The sleek-shaped destroyer has now sailed from Gibraltar. HMS Diamond, one of the navy’s most sophisticated vessels, is bound for the Middle East where it will spend the next six months protecting British interests and providing maritime security in the region.

“Morale on board the ship is high and there’s a real buzz on board” Commander Clarke said.

For many of the crew, this will be their first deployment on their first ship.

HMS Diamond’s primary function is to protect a task group of friendly ships from aircraft and missile attack, but the ship is able to perform all manner of war fighting roles as well as providing low level maritime security and assisting in humanitarian efforts as required.

Diamond will carry out the range of tasks her predecessor HMS Daring has been doing since January – providing security in the region, be it safeguarding international sea lanes, working alongside our allies or conducting counter-piracy operations.

Naval Today Staff , June 22, 2012; Image: Royal Navy