USA: Fiscal Year 13 Chiefs’ Quotas Announced

Fiscal Year 13 Chiefs' Quotas Announced

Quotas from the Fiscal Year (FY) 13 Active Duty E7 Board show Navy’s force management initiatives are having some positive results, resulting in advancement opportunity increasing 5.73 points from 18.23 percent in FY12 to 23.96 percent for the FY13 board.

With approximately 4,400 quotas for this board, the Navy is ensuring the fleet has the right mix of Sailors with appropriate skills and experience to meet the Navy’s mission.

The expected improvement in advancement opportunity is the result of balancing the force across ratings, and it is expected that opportunity will move slightly downward in coming years and level off.

The selection board convened June 18 in Millington, Tenn. and will review the records of approximately 18,900 E-6s.

Notable opportunity this cycle is in the Logistics Specialist (Submarine) (LS grp 1) with 100 percent opportunity and 22 quotas, rising from 73.8 percent opportunity and 31 quotas from FY12 rates. Also showing strong opportunity is Yeoman (Submarine) (YN Grp 1) at 55.77 percent and 29 quotas from 33.93 with 19 quotas in FY12.

Communities seeing a decrease from FY12 include the Firecontrolman Technician (FT), down from 38.46 percent with 35 quotas to 12.50 percent with 10 quotas for FY13. Aviation Structural Mechanic – Equipment (AME) also saw a drop this board with FY12 having 29.73 percent opportunity with 33 quotas to 11.70 percent with 11 quotas for FY13.

Naval Today Staff, June 27, 2012; Image: US Navy