SNMG2 Prepares for Bulgarian Naval Exercise “BREEZE 2012”

SNMG2 Prepares for Bulgarian Naval Exercise "BREEZE 2012”

The Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) is currently preparing for the Bulgarian naval exercise “BREEZE 2012”, an annual , national, naval exercise with international participation and directed by the Bulgarian Navy Command.

The exercise involves naval units from the Bulgarian Navy, the Turkish Navy, the Greek Navy, a US patrol air plane, and the three ships from SNMG2. The exercise is designed to enhance the operational and tactical interoperability at sea between the Bulgarian naval units and the participating units from different countries and commands.

In preparation for the exercise, the SNMG2, under command of Rear Admiral Thorsten Kaehler conducted a port visit to Burgas, Bulgaria beginning 25 June 2012. The Commander met with local authorities and media representatives. Bulgarian Navy television used the opportunity to receive first-hand information about the mission and tasks of SNMG2.

An evening reception held 25 June in the Port of Burgas introduced local authorities to the world of NATO’s Standing NATO Maritime Groups. The force was honoured to receive the Governor of Burgas District, Konstantin Grebenarov, and the Mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov. Rear Admiral Rumen Nikolov, Chief of the Bulgarian Navy was also present to recognize the role played by SNMG2 in this upcoming, long planned exercise.

The SNMG2 ships composition is currently:

FGS Bayern Frigate Germany (Flagship)

FS Courbert Frigate France

TCG Gediz Frigate Turkey

SNMG 2 is a multinational integrated maritime force that forms part of the NATO Response Force and operates under the command of the Allied Maritime Command in Naples. Permanently activated and held at high readiness, it is a mobile and flexible force that allows the Alliance to respond to today’s security challenges.

Naval Today Staff , June 29, 2012; Image: NATO