RSN Staff Promoted at DXO Ceremony

On 28 Jun, a promotion ceremony for Defence Executive Officers (DXO) was held at the MINDEF Auditorium. The Guest of Honour for the event was the Permanent Secretary for Defence, Mr Chiang Chie Foo. 16 DXOs from the Navy who was recognized at the ceremony.

Ms Aveline Chiok, Staff Officer (Publicity) in the Navy Recruitment Centre, was one of those promoted at the ceremony. In the past year, she handled many memorable publicity projects for the RSN.

“We spearheaded projects such as the latest television commercial, ‘Go Beyond Horizons’, the ‘Sea of Support’ bulletin for our crew out in the Gulf of Aden and student engagement at the International Maritime Defence Exhibition.

“The news of [promotion] came as a pleasant surprise to me… and this will certainly motivate me to contribute more to the Navy.”

Ms Jasline Ang, Career Manager in the Naval Personnel Department, was also promoted at the ceremony.

“I was surprised and elated… [This promotion] assured me that my hard work and effort contributed was recognised [by the organisation].”

In her previous role as a Personnel Support and Engagement Officer in the Tuas iPersHub, she pioneered the development of a step-by-step “Dummies'” guide for key modules in the MINDEF-SAF human resource (HR) system and conducted training for HR practitioners in the RSN.

“[Previously], there were no formalised training and user guides with the newly launched HR system. I started them [from scratch]… These guides were used at the tri-service level and as a result, I was appointed one of the key trainers in the tri-service training programme for that system.”

Naval Today Staff , July 2, 2012; Image: RSN