Portugal Holds Combined Search and Rescue Exercise with Spain

Building on the bilateral relations between the maritime authorities of Portugal and Spain, a combined exercise of maritime search and rescue will take place today in an area south of the Guadiana river mouth, coordinated by the Maritime Search and Rescue Center in Lisbon (MRCC LISBON) and supported by the Search and Rescue Center of Madrid (Madrid MRCC).

The exercise will consist of a collision simulation between a Portuguese tourist boat and a Spanish fishing vessel, resulting in one injured, two castaways and one missing person.

The exercise aims to develop interconnection between the two centers of maritime search and rescue, as well as cooperation between the entities and assets involved in the area of exercise and interaction with civil defense officials  in charge of support and evacuation of casualties from both countries.

The exercise includes participation of various entities including MRCC LISBON, Maritime Command of the South Zone, the Captaincy of the Port of Vila Real de Santo António, Portuguese Air Force, INEM and Spanish counterpart, Fire Vila Real de Santo António, District Command Relief Operations, MRCC MADRID, MRSC Huelva, Huelva Maritime Captaincy.

Naval Today Staff , July 3, 2012