UK: HMS Vivid Opens Its Doors to the Public

HMS Vivid Opens Its Doors to the Public

As part of Armed Forces Week, Plymouth’s Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) unit, HMS Vivid opened its doors to the public throughout Wednesday afternoon, 27 June.

HMS Vivid is home to over 130 reservists who volunteer their spare time to support UK operations both at home and overseas, in roles as diverse as supporting anti-piracy operations or working as part of the Fleet Diving Squadron.

As well as finding out more about the RNR and getting up close to the specialist equipment used for diving, survival, fire-fighting, training and more, visitors were able to take part in physical and problem-solving challenges to see if they have what it takes to make it in the RNR.

The Open Day provided an opportunity to find out more about the wide range of career opportunities on offer in the RNR. The RNR is set to increase in size following a comprehensive study called Future Reserves 2020 and HMS Vivid aims to grow its ship’s company by at least 80 people over the coming years.

The Open Day also coincided with national Uniform to Work Day – another Armed Forces Week event. Naval reservists from HMS Vivid wore their service uniforms to their places of work. Petty Office David Briddock, a postman in his day job, wore his naval uniform to work while delivering mail out on his round.

Naval Today Staff, July 3, 2012; Image: Royal Navy