U.S. Navy Seabees Receive MasterLift 4000 Simulation System

U.S. Navy Seabees Receive MasterLift 4000 Simulation System

GlobalSim, Inc. a Kongsberg Company has delivered a new training simulator to the Navy Construction Battalions, known also by their moniker “The Seabees”. The new MasterLift 4000 simulation system includes training programs for the Link Belt HTC-864 and Link Belt LS-108H construction cranes.

The Navy Seabees will use the simulator as part of their training facilities in Gulfport, Mississippi. The MasterLift 4000 is a versatile training simulator designed to aid equipment operator training across a variety of industries. In the case of the Navy Seabees, it recreates the operating environment of two types of construction cranes. The simulator offers an immersive training environment, using high definition visual screens and authentic machine controls to fully recreate the crane cabin. The simulator’s three-degrees-of-freedom motion base gives the operator the feeling of really moving with the crane.

Simulation training has gained favor in many training programs because of its ability to recreate dangerous scenarios which would be impractical to practice on real equipment. Training instructors using MasterLift training platforms are able to assess their trainees’ skills through custom built training scenarios and track their progress through analytic software. The result is a more effective and efficient training program which produces better prepared equipment operators.

GlobalSim, Inc. is a world leader in the development of advanced simulation training systems. The company has delivered training systems for equipment operators in the maritime, construction, offshore, intermodal, military, and mining industries across the globe. With a focus on customer-guided customization, GlobalSim has helped its customers significantly advance their training programs through simulation.

Naval Today Staff, July 5, 2012; Image: Kongsberg