EU Naval Force Comes to the Rescue of Comoros Flagged Vessel

EU Naval Force Comes to the Rescue of Comoros Flagged Vessel

On the afternoon of 4 July, in the rough seas of the Gulf of Aden, EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Italian Frigate Scirocco rescued a Comoros flagged supply vessel which had been adrift and in total black out for more than 13 hours.

The entire operation lasted in excess of 24 hours and was conducted mainly with the use of Scirocco’s helicopter and its crew which initially provided the tug’s crew with portable radios to maintain contact with the ship and with emergency lights. At first light on 5 July, Scirocco’s helicopter brought the flattened batteries from the ship on board the Scirocco where they were recharged. With full batteries the vessel’s crew was able to restart the power generators and, later on, the main engines.

During the operation, Scirocco ensured the safety of the vessel by keeping a close guard and warning all transiting ships of its presence, a crucial contribution to the navigational safety in the Gulf of Aden especially at night time with poor visibility and the prevailing monsoon sea conditions.

Once the vessel was underway again, Scirocco resumed its patrol in the Gulf of Aden, made particularly demanding in the past few weeks due to bad weather conditions at sea.

Naval Today Staff, July 9, 2012; Image: EU NAVFOR