HMS Duncan’s Personnel Take Part in Armed Forces Day (UK)

HMS Duncan’s Personnel Take Part in Armed Forces Day

Approximately 30 members of HMS Duncan’s Ship’s Company participated at the Armed Forces Day event in Dundee on Sat 30 Jun.

Personnel travelled across to the East Coast from Glasgow where the Ship is presently being built and took part in the military parade which included contingents from the Army and RAF as well as Veterans Associations and Cadet Forces.

Ship’s staff, with support from HMS Scotia’s Tayside Division, also provided a stall in the static display on the edge of City Square, attracting interest from those attending the AFD event and passing Saturday morning shoppers. This was the first opportunity the people of Dundee had had to see ‘their’ Ship’s Company, the city is one of Duncan’s two civic affiliations, the other being Belfast.

The parade also included 1st Battalion Scots Guards, Duncan’s affiliated Army regiment, allowing some useful early liaison between the two units, as the Scots Guards Regimental Lieutenant Colonel, Brigadier Nickerson, highlighted when he addressed the parade in City Square:

“HMS Duncan is not just any ship, it is our ship.”

In addition to a Civic Reception prior to the parade which was attended by several members of the Ship’s Company including Commander Phil Game, Duncan’s Senior Naval Officer, The Lord Provost of Dundee, Mr Bob Duncan, kindly laid on a lunch reception for all uniformed personnel which was very well received.

Mr Duncan stated:

”Nothing stirs the heart more than the sight of the immaculately-turned-out soldiers, sailors and airmen of our armed forces. Everyone here today is a credit to the country. You do us all very proud.”

Despite some torrential rain at the end of the parade which slightly curtailed the day’s programme, the day was very successful, not only laying the foundations for future liaison between Dundee and Duncan but also raising awareness of the role of the RN in the wider context of Armed Forces Day.

Naval Today Staff, July 10, 2012; Image: Royal Navy