USS Frank Cable Heads to Her Homeport in Guam After Six-Month Overhaul

USS Frank Cable Heads to Her Homeport in Guam After Six-Month Overhaul

Submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) is returning to her homeport in Guam after a six-month overhaul in dry-dock, July 7.

The dry-docking was a scheduled overhaul to repair and preserve the hull and engineering areas of the ship.

“The last time the ship was docked was in 2004, and this overhaul will allow the ship to operate for at least another five years before docking again,” said Capt. Pete Hildreth, commanding officer aboard Frank Cable.

Improvements were made to the interior and exterior of the ship to improve Frank Cable’s mission readiness and support of submarines deployed in the Pacific.

“We also installed several improved systems, such as new electrical switchboard, SOLAS lifeboats, improved cable TV for the crew and improvements to our fuel oil systems and boiler automation,” said Hildreth. “Improvement in our electrical distribution will help with our ability to provide reliable power to submarines. We also modified our cable TV system, so we can much more easily provide cable TV or TV-DTS, while at anchor, to submarines moored alongside.”

Sailors assigned to Frank Cable during the shipyard period were tasked with maintaining the spaces while in upkeep and watchstanding to maintain the security of the ship.

“The crew has worked very hard and dedicated many hours to successfully complete this shipyard availability,” said Frank Cable Command Master Chief James R. Schneider. “During the crew’s time in Portland, they have had some time to appreciate what this fine city has to offer while presenting themselves, the Frank Cable and the Navy with the utmost respect and professionalism. I am very proud of our accomplishments.”

“The crew’s hard work, both MILPERS (military personnel) and CIVMAR (civilian service mariners), contributed to the significantly improved material condition of the ship,” said Hildreth.Their efforts will have an impact on the ship for years to come.”

Frank Cable is currently conducting sea trials before returning to Guam.

Frank Cable is temporarily relieved from conducting maintenance of submarines and surface vessels deployed in the 7th Fleet area of responsibility by the submarine tender USS Emory S.

Naval Today Staff , July 10, 2012; Image: US Navy