South Devon Students Have a Taste of the Royal Navy (UK)

South Devon Students Have a Taste of the Royal Navy (UK)

Students from South Devon have been given a taste of the Royal Navy during a week’s work experience at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

During their time at the College the year 10 students from Dartmouth Academy, Brixham Community College and Oswestry School, in Shropshire, were able to experience some of the training undertaken by the Royal Navy’s Officer Cadets as part of their 30-week initial naval training course.

Highlights included the chance to Command one of the Royal Navy’s new Type 45 destroyers in BRNC’s state of the art ship’s bridge simulator. The facility is primarily used to teach navigation and bridgemanship to Cadets and Young Officers undergoing their initial warfare officers’ course.

In the shape of a ship’s bridge images outside of the windows can represent open sea or harbours and coastlines from around the world. It can be configured for any class of Royal Navy ship or submarine. At the click of a button changes can be made to simulate different environmental conditions, such as sea states and winds, and bring into play other vessels, objects or scenarios.

Joe Beech, aged 15, from Dartmouth Academy, said:

“I’ve always wanted to look inside the College. The people have been really nice and we’ve been given a full tour of the College. I was surprised how big it is. The building itself is unique and all the technology here is unbelievable.

“I’ve done of lot things that I never thought I’d ever do like driving the ship. It was scary because even though it’s a simulator, it’s very realistic and it’s hard to look around and listen to the commands at the same time.

“It’s been great taking part in all the activities and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. I want to join the Police and be part of the dog unit. The Royal Navy being a uniformed service is similar and coming to the College will really help for my future life.”

As part of the week the students were able to take to the water in boats on the River Dart and took part in fitness training and other team building activities.

Lieutenant Commander Andy Harrison, BRNC’s First Lieutenant, said:

“Work experience gives us an excellent opportunity to show the students the challenging career opportunities the Royal Navy can provide.

“Our programme has been designed to give the students an insight into the training carried out at Britannia Royal Naval College, the Naval ethos of courage, commitment, discipline, respect, integrity and loyalty that we inculcate into our Officers and the breadth of skills required by those serving in the Royal Navy today.”

Naval Today Staff, July 12, 2012; Image: Royal Navy