Sea Breeze 2012 Second Phase Kicks Off in Odesa, Ukraine

Sea Breeze 2012 Second Phase Kicks Off in Odesa, Ukraine

The Sea Breeze 2012 Second Phase has been launched in Odesa involving Ukrainian, American, Turkish, and Georgian ships.

During the exercise, the Navies of different countries work closely with coast and naval services.

According to Ukrainian Captain First Rank Denis Berezovsky, militaries from 17 countries are improving their proficient skills and efficiently cooperating. He has also stressed the importance of peacekeeping experience exchange between the different Armed Forces.

“It’s a good opportunity to increase proficiency of our Ukrainian Navy and ensure our participation in Multinational Peacekeeping Operations,” Denis Berezovsky said.

A lot of work has been done within the Naval Exercise Sea Breeze 2012 now. Thus, in cooperation with foreign experts, the Ukrainian Hetman Sahaidachny Frigate and the Ukrainian Kostiantyn Olshanskiy Navy Ship will be checked (Self-Assessment Level 2) for interoperability with NATO ships in naval peacekeeping operations. The same standards are applicable to assessment of the Ukrainian Marines participating in anti-terrorist training.

Naval Today Staff , July 13, 2012; Image: Ukrainian MoD