USA: FRC Bernard C. Webber Returns to Bollinger Shipyards

FRC Bernard C. Webber Returns to Bollinger Shipyards

According to Navy Times, the fast response cutter (FRC) Bernard C. Webber of the US Coast Guard (USCG) returned to dry dock at Bollinger Shipyards, three months after its commissioning.

Namely, the ship had to be repainted since chunks of top coat were literally peeling from the ship’s hull.

According to the shipyard’s officials inadequate conditions such as high humidity and poor ventilation in the shed the FRC was painted in, caused the paint to come off.

As stated by Charles “Skip” Bowen, program manager for FRC’s at the builders, the primer coat did not cure properly which resulted in the creation of a thin film between the primer and the glossy top coat, causing parts of the top coat to delaminate from the primer.

Luckily, majority of the top coat remained in place until the ship got back for a repaint.

Upon completion of the necessary repairs the cutter went back to its home port of Miami.

Naval Today Staff, July 17, 2012; Image: USCG