IKE CSG Arrives in US 5th Fleet AOO

IKE CSG Arrives in US 5th Fleet AOO

The Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group (IKE CSG) arrived in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations (AOO) on July 17.

The mission of the IKE CSG is to support maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the AOO.

Prior to arrival in theater, the IKE CSG successfully completed a robust training cycle, where the crew was presented with various complex scenarios they might face while deployed. These exercises involved simulated maritime intercept operations, counter-piracy operations, and theater security cooperation engagements, as well as simulated combat operations.

“This is an incredibly flexible, agile, and ready strike group. We’ve trained to face virtually every type of contingency,” said Rear Adm. Michael C. Manazir, Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group commander. “We look forward to working closely with our coalition and regional partners to keep the sea lanes safe and secure for the free flow of maritime commerce. We understand just how vital security is to facilitating economic prosperity in this region and the impact of AOO stability on the rest of the world, and we are enthusiastic about playing a role in that.”

The Eisenhower CSG includes the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7 with eight squadrons of aircraft, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 28 with three ships, the guided-missile destroyers USS Farragut (DDG 99), USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81), and USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) and the guided-missile cruiser USS Hue City (CG 66).

The Eisenhower CSG joins the Enterprise CSG in support of the Combatant Commander’s operational requirements, while ensuring security and stability in the U.S. 5th Fleet AOO. A second aircraft carrier strike group in the AOO ensures the U.S. military has the naval and air capabilities to support operational requirements while adequately meeting other security commitments in the region.

The Eisenhower CSG takes the place of the Abraham Lincoln Strike Group which transited the Suez Canal, July 16, departing the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations and entering the U.S. 6th Fleet AOO en route to the United States to complete an eight-month deployment.

Naval Today Staff, July 18, 2012; Image: US Navy