U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Visits USS Missouri Memorial

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Visits USS Missouri Memorial

The U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense paid a visit to the USS Missouri Memorial to speak with service members from the area.

The Honorable Ashton B. Carter thanked the service members for volunteering their time and energy to the military.

“It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and to go to work doing something that’s bigger than yourself,” said Carter. “I want each and every one of you to go home tonight and say that today you were thanked by the leadership of the department of defense of this country for what you do.”

Carter is on a 10-day trip to various countries in the Asia-Pacific region with plans to meet with service members in Hawaii, Japan and South Korea.

“The United States still provides security to much of the world, especially to the Asia pacific region,” said Carter. “You know what you do out here to build military capability that serves as a deterrent to violence in this part of the world, to build the partnerships, alliances and friendships upon which our security and the security of everyone else in this region depends.”

After speaking, Carter took time to personally shake hands with all in attendance.

“Its reassuring that someone of that stature would come down and speak to the personnel and really let us know how he really feels and [that he] appreciates our service,” said Yeoman 2nd Class Harold Villegas.

Naval Today Staff, July 20, 2012; Image: US Navy