USS Ohio Completes Major Maintenance Period

USS Ohio Completes Major Maintenance Period

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF) completed its most expansive Major Maintenance Period (MMP) July 11, with USS Ohio’s (SSGN 726) certification for unrestricted operations.

Major Maintenance Periods are part of a guided missile/special operation forces boat’s (SSGN) normal operating cycle and occur after the submarine has been forward deployed for 12 months.

Ohio’s fourth MMP since being converted from a ballistic missile submarine included more than 56,400 man-days of work across 110 calendar days, 65 of which were in dry dock.

“Even with the extensive and complex work package, the teamwork between Ohio’s crew and the project team to get the job done well was unbeatable,” said Jerry Piotrowski, SSGN program superintendent. “This is a testament to the quality craftsmanship of the boat and the skill of the mechanics who accomplished the work.

Additionally, more than 8,000 man-days of contractor work were completed. These efforts included significant upgrades to the navigation, communication, radar, and sonar systems. The shipyard conducted work on the diver air system, superstructure, depth control tanks, air conditioning units, fairwater planes, and a number of seawater and ventilation valves.

Team members from PSNS & IMF’s Bangor site made significant contributions in repairing a number of valves, allowing the Machine Shop to complete other work. The team also conducted troubleshooting and repaired several indication issues that had prevented the crew from monitoring water levels and movement remotely from the Ballast Control Panel. Ohio’s Blue and Gold crews demonstrated teamwork as they augmented one another to help complete all testing.

PSNSY & IMF is one of four NAVSEA public shipyards that play a major role in maintaining America’s fleet and providing wartime surge capability to keep the nation’s ships ready for combat.

Naval Today Staff, July 20, 2012; Image: US Navy