US Navy Warship Sponsors Command Health Fair

US Navy Warship Sponsors Command Health Fair

Sailors aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) attended a health fair at Huntington Hall in Newport News, Va. to obtain information about health and wellness, July 19.

The event, hosted by Huntington Hall’s liberty center, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) staff and medical personnel from Theodore Roosevelt, allowed Sailors to learn about health decisions they could make and fitness opportunities.

“When we think about combat readiness we think about equipment and planes and the ship, but the most important element to combat readiness is the person. It’s us,” said Cmdr. Mark Colombo, Theodore Roosevelt’s executive officer. “We can take care of our planes and our equipment and our ship all day long, but if we’re letting our bodies break down and we don’t take care of ourselves then all else is for naught. So that’s what this gives us a chance to do in my opinion, take care of the most important national asset we have.”

Representatives from various administrations manned 18 tables in Huntington Hall’s gym. These affiliations included shipboard organizations such as the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) and the Theodore Roosevelt’s run club, as well as external organizations such as Tricare Medial Insurance and the Vaccine Healthcare Centers Network.

“I’m happy that a lot of Sailors came out to participate in this health fair,” said Chief Logistics Specialist (SW/AW) George E. Onodu, Theodore Roosevelt’s Drug and Alcohol Program advisor. “I hope that they take advantage of the opportunities and all the information that is out here for them to put to use.”

Several outdoor fitness activities were made available to Sailors on the field, according to information provided by Marley Oldham, Theodore Roosevelt MWR fit boss. MWR inflated an obstacle course for Sailors to run and hosted fitness competitions. These competitions included an event to see which Sailors could hold a plant position the longest; Sailors slamming weighted balls against the ground for over a minute; and a race where Sailors flipped a 115-pound tire the length of a football field and then hauled a 180-pound dummy back to the starting point.

Sailors also participated in a water balloon game on the field behind Huntington Hall.

“Everybody I see is smiling,” said Colombo. “I see a lot of thumbs up. It’s a great day weather-wise. My personal opinion is that it’s been a success.”

Naval Today Staff, July 26, 2012; Image: US Navy