USA: NS Everett Conducts Exercise Reliant Cloud

NS Everett Conducts Exercise Reliant Cloud

Emergency response teams at Naval Station Everett coordinated with the city of Everett’s Fire Department, local hospitals and other community authorities during the base’s annual emergency response Exercise Reliant Cloud, June 25.

The exercise simulated a scenario in which a vehicle collision causes a chemical tanker truck to begin leaking, and releasing toxic chemicals resulting in mock injuries.

“This was a realistic and fast-paced exercise. It is one of several training exercises we do throughout the year to prepare for any possible emergency situation,” said Mark Brooks, Naval Station Everett’s operations officer. “It was meant first and foremost to evaluate our ability to respond to and mitigate a Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) threat and save lives in the process. It also helps to build our working relationship with our local emergency aid partners, who are a vital asset to this installation.”

Volunteer Sailors acted as mock victims who had come in contact with the toxic chemicals. These victims were assessed by local firefighters upon arrival on the scene and decontaminated at a temporary decontamination station set up in a parking lot near the simulated accident site.

The victims with the worst simulated injuries were further assessed by corpsmen from the Naval Branch Health Clinic Everett. The most severe patients were transferred to local hospitals in the Everett area for critical treatment.

“As a mock victim of this drill, it makes you think about what it would be like to be in a real situation like this,” said Machinist’s Mate 3rd Class Errie Evangelista, assigned to the Naval Station Everett’s Operations department. “It’s good to know that we are prepared and ready to respond to any situation that might come up.”

Firefighters thoroughly investigated the simulated accident scene, secured the area and made required reports.

“Situations like this can be very dynamic and spin out of control at any time,” said Navy Region Northwest Fire and Emergency Services Assistant Regional Training Chief Brian Pille. “The firefighters from the base and from the Everett fire department, the corpsman from the branch medical clinic and from local hospitals are integral parts of completing our important mission of keeping this base and its personnel safe.”

After the exercise, all team members involved met for debriefing and an evaluation of their performance during the drill.

“Overall, the exercise went very smoothly and all mission objectives were achieved in a timely manner,” said Pille. “The base and local personnel worked efficiently together as always. Their performance during this drill gives me confidence that this base could respond to any dangerous situation that might arise.”

Naval Today Staff, July 27, 2012; Image: US Navy