China Launches Large Patrol Vessel

Launching of China’s largest state of the art patrol vessel, Haixun 01, was held on July 28, in Hubei province, marking the country’s push forward to modernization of its surveillance fleet, China daily reports.

The 128.6 meter long vessel weighs 5,418 tons and it can develop 37 km per hour speed. It was built by Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co Ltd, with the primary task of conducting search-and-rescue operations including investigation of maritime disputes and providing aid in case of maritime hazards, oil spillage etc.

In addition, the patrol vessel can sail up to of 18,520 km without having to refuel, providing accommodation for up to 200 people in case of sea accidents. The vessel is also outfitted with a helicopter platform.

Haixun 01 will start aiding to the security of China’s territorial waters by the end of the year, reports Xinhua.

According to Shanghai University of Political Science and Law based expert on maritime policy, Ni Lexiong, taking into consideration the growing number of maritime disputes China experienced over the recent period, construction of new ships means that China aims to solve sea disputes with neighboring counties in a peaceful way.

The rejuvenation of the old navy vessels will see construction of 36 additional inspection ships by 2013, China Marine Surveillance, the country’s marine supervisory administration claims.

Naval Today Staff, July 30, 2012