HMAS Perth Welcomes US Navy Personnel

HMAS Perth Welcomes US Navy Personnel

As part of Exercise RIM-OF-THE-PACIFIC (RIMPAC 2012), a group of officers from United States Ships Chafee and Crommelin spent the day on HMAS Perth observing and experiencing life onboard an Australian ship.

The visitors were given a tour of the ship, including a walk through of the engine room and observed a damage control exercise.

HMAS Perth has a S70B-2 Seahawk from 816 Squadron embarked which is a variant of the helicopter found on USS Chafee and Crommelin.

USS Chafee Ensign Dan Remus said it was a great opportunity to see what is was like onboard an Australian ship at sea.

“It’s been exciting to come over to the ship and see the Aussies at work. They have a good set up here and everyone has been very friendly,” said Ensign Remus.

Leading Seaman Aircrewman Corey Wright showed the visitors the airframe and said it was a good way to build relationships between the United States and Australian navies.

“It was a great opportunity to speak to the US guys who already have the Seahawk Romeo variant which is to be introduced in the Australian fleet,” said Leading Seaman Wright.

HMAS Perth is one of two Australian frigates participating in RIMPAC 2012. HMAS Perth has conducted flying, boarding and submarine exercises and fired the Evolved Sea Sparrow Surface to Air missile.

Approximately 1100 Australian sailors, soldiers, airmen and women have participated in the exercise from 27 June until 2 August. It is the world’s largest multilateral live-fire maritime training exercise and is held around the islands of Hawaii. There are 22 participating nations including Australia, Canada, France and Russia. The US sponsored exercise is aimed to enhance the interoperability of the combined forces and involves war-fighting exercises, humanitarian assistance/disaster relief and maritime security operations.

Naval Today Staff, August 1, 2012; Image: Royal Australian Navy