Secretary of Navy Visits Logistics Group Western Pacific, Navy Region Center Singapore

Secretary of Navy Visits Logistics Group Western Pacific, Navy Region Center Singapore

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus addressed U.S. Sailors and Navy civilians during an all hands call at Logistics Group Western Pacific (COMLOG WESTPAC) and Navy Region Center Singapore (NRCS) Aug. 8.

Mabus thanked all hands for their continued service while assigned in Singapore.

“The people at home will never know how much skill and talent it takes to wear the uniform and do your job on a day to day basis in this part of the world,” said Mabus. “You make America safer, more secure, and just a better place.”

Mabus highlighted the renewed focus on the Western Pacific in the new strategic guidance released by the Department of Defense in January, noting that the continued U.S. military presence in East Asia since World War II had contributed to regional peace and stability.

“The military has always been here in the region,” said Mabus. “From a Navy-centric standpoint, the new strategy puts more emphasis on the Navy and Marine Corps.”

Mabus held the all hands call during a four-day visit to Singapore that included meetings with US and Singaporean military and civilian officials along with attendance of Singapore’s 47th National Day parade.

The Secretary’s visit reinforced the importance of the strategic partnership between the U.S and Singapore.

“For all of the military services involved with engagement in this region, from the exercises to continued access of this regional hub, we have no better partner than Singapore,” said Mabus. “We’ll bring the first of up to four Littoral Combat Ships here next Spring.”

While no U.S. base exists in Singapore, the U.S. Navy presence here dates back several decades and the Navy leases facilities from the Singaporean government. Today, the U.S. military community in Singapore includes active duty, civilian personnel and family members, distributed among 15 commands.

COMLOG WESTPAC was established at the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), Sembawang Terminal, in July 1992, after the command’s relocation from Naval Station Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines. Established in 2007, NRCS provides administrative support to nine Navy, Army, Air Force and Joint commands in Singapore. It also manages 165 family and bachelor housing units and dozens of command, administrative and warehouse facilities.

COMLOG WESTPAC and NRCS are the U.S. 7th Fleet’s providers of combat-ready logistics and shore support services. These commands maintain and operate government-owned and contracted vessels to keep combatant ships and units throughout the region armed, fueled and fed.

Additionally, COMLOG WESTPAC is 7th Fleet’s Theater Security Cooperation agent for Southeast Asia, promoting military-to-military relations and coordinating exercises such as Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training.

Naval Today Staff, August 9, 2012; Image: US Navy