USA: COMFRC Welcomes New Commander

COMFRC Welcomes New Commander

Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) welcomed a new admiral during a change of command ceremony Aug.6.

Rear Adm. CJ Jaynes relieved Rear Adm. Jeffrey “Zoil” Penfield, who will take lead as commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force in Norfolk, Va.

Vice Adm. David Architzel, commander, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), presided over the ceremony, where he welcomed Jaynes and highlighted Penfield’s contributions to COMFRC and to the naval aviation mission.

“Zoil’s done an incredible job,” Architzel said. “The COMFRC team, the men and women who keep our forces flying – without them naval aviation comes to a complete standstill. Every great success can be attributed to these men and women and the people who lead them, like Jeff Penfield.”

“CJ, I look forward to having you at the helm of our FRCs. I value your experience with AIR-6.0 and the FRCs and I know you will deliver. It is good to have you here.”

Vice Adm. Allen Myers, commander, Naval Air Forces and commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, presented Penfield with a Legion of Merit award.

Under his leadership, FRC has performed brilliantly to ensure our aircraft are ready for tasking,” Myers said. “The men and women of FRC, who serve here and around the world, play a vital role in supporting our Pacific pivot and strategic imperative to operate forward as a Navy.”

Penfield thanked his team and NAVAIR’s logistics and industrial engineering counterparts for their spirit, hard work and dedication.

“I’ve enjoyed these last nine months as commanding officer,” Penfield said. “For my first tour as an admiral, I couldn’t have imagined a better command, or group of men and women, to begin this phase of my career. Your work is critical – it’s what keeps naval aviation flying, and flying safely. CJ is a fantastic leader, and with your support, no doubt COMFRC will continue their superb work for the warfighter.”

As the assistant commander for Logistics and Industrial Operations (AIR-6.0), Jaynes worked closely with the FRC during the last year while she oversaw logistics support efforts for both fielded and developmental aviation systems. She has extensive background as a Navy aerospace maintenance duty officer (AMDO) and has the distinction as the first woman admiral in the AMDO and NAVAIR communities.

“CJ has also spent her career focused on how we keep our aircraft ready for tasking,” Myers added. “I know that she will enrich the expertise of COMFRC and continue their positive glide slope.”

It’s such an honor to be selected to lead COMFRC and the tremendous group of professionals who pour their heart and soul into maintaining our naval aircraft,” said Jaynes, who will also continue her AIR 6.0 duties. “Leading both AIR 6.0 and COMFRC is an opportunity of a lifetime. I never imagined as an AMDO that one day I would have the honor to command the entire shore-based intermediate and depot maintenance activities.”

COMFRC and its eight centers provide naval aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul products and services that equip the fleet to project power across the globe while supporting national interests and security objectives. FRCs produce quality airframes, engines, components and support equipment, and provide services that meet the Naval Aviation Enterprise’s (NAE) aircraft ready-for-tasking goals with improved effectiveness and efficiency.

Naval Today Staff, August 9, 2012; Image: US Navy