Commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Visits USS Theodore Roosevelt

The commander of U.S. Fleet Forces visited USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Aug. 13, to tour the ship and visit with Sailors about TR’s progress in its multi-year refueling complex overhaul (RCOH) in Newport News, Va.

During his visit, Adm. John C. Harvey, Jr. toured the ship’s flight deck, hangar bay, medical spaces, aft galley and chief’s mess.

Capt. William J. Hart, TR’s commanding officer, greeted Harvey and led him on a tour of the aircraft carrier with TR’s Command Master Chief (SW/AW) Jack Callison. Their first stop was TR’s flight deck, where Harvey inspected the aircraft carrier’s catapult launch system and spoke with Dan Klemencic, a civilian construction director at Newport News Shipbuilding.

“They’re doing everything they can to get us back up and running,” Klemencic said to the admiral about the Sailors and shipyard workers on the flight deck.

After visiting the flight deck, Harvey descended through the ship’s hangar bay and toured the Medical department.

“For our Sailors, it really lets them know that ‘big Navy’ cares about what’s going on, how we’re doing, how we’re progressing,” said Lt. Cmdr. Charlene Oligher, the ship’s nurse. “He was concerned with what each person’s job was and what they were doing. The questions gave a sense that he was asking personally about the Sailor.”

Harvey then visited TR’s aft galley, where he spoke with Sailors.

“It was very nice meeting the admiral, someone that high in the Navy,” said Culinary Specialist Seaman Recruit Kash Michaels, one of the galley workers Harvey spoke with. “Since this is just my first command, I feel great.”

Next, Harvey moved on to the newly renovated Chiefs Mess, where he spoke to senior enlisted about TR moving out of the shipyards and back into open waters.

“The Chiefs Mess is the soul and backbone of the ship,” Harvey said. “I’m honored to be down here with you while you go through this process.”

Naval Today Staff, August 15, 2012