USS O’Kane Sailors Offer Assistance to USS Porter

USS O'Kane Sailors Offer Assistance to USS Porter

Sailors from guided-missile destroyer USS O’Kane (DDG 77) are assisting the crew of guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) to recover from damage sustained in a collision with a large Japanese-owned merchant vessel near the Strait of Hormuz, Aug. 12.

Porter transited under its own power to Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, and is now pierside for assessment and repair. O’Kane, moored nearby, is offering meals, showers, and temporary berthing to Porter Sailors while they conduct repairs.

“When we were escorted into port and moored, some of my first questions had to do with where we [the crew] were going to sleep and eat,” said Fire Controlman 2nd Class Nick Anderson, a tomahawk missile technician aboard Porter. “Within hours of being pierside, O’Kane opened her doors to us for assistance; I think all of us here were visibly relieved.”

O’Kane Sailors have also volunteered their time and assistance to Porter, whether it be taking ammunition magazine temperatures, or simply lending a hand to help bring ship systems back online.

“When we hear of others in need, I think we feel a natural human desire to assist,” said Cmdr. Michael Ray, O’Kane’s commanding officer. “The opportunity to lend a hand to fellow Sailors has given my crew a chance to proudly help their shipmates.”

For the duration of their stay pierside, O’Kane and its Sailors will be ready to help, said Ray.

“Porter’s crew has shown remarkable resilience and commitment – to their ship and each other. O’Kane will gladly assist in any way we can until we are no longer needed,” said Ray.

Porter and O’Kane are on scheduled deployments to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility conducting maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts.

Naval Today Staff, August 17, 2012; Image: US Navy