UK: Medical Training Onboard HMS Diamond


Medical Training Onboard HMS Diamond

The Royal Marines and the Royal Navy Boarding Team in HMS Diamond have had their First Aid knowledge put to the test. As a continuation of their training, the sailors and marines are receiving instruction in life saving techniques by the onboard medical team.

Keen to keep these skills up to date, Diamond’s Sickbay arranged a series of practical scenarios to consolidate their knowledge and enable hands-on experience in a controlled environment.

Every week a different topic is covered; this can range from minor accidents while undertaking normal duties to injuries that could be sustained during boarding operations on Diamond’s current deployment.

The team are coached through scenarios and then offered the chance to critique one another’s performance.

Last week saw the team learning how to insert intravenous drips to administer potentially life-saving fluids. Next week will see the teams get to grips with techniques to control a patient’s airway and the treatment of chest injuries.

Captain Richard Hughes Royal Marines, Officer Commanding Officer the Marine team onboard said:

“This invaluable training instils the confidence within the Royal Marine and Royal Navy Boarding Team that every member is able to effectively carry out life saving treatment.”

Naval Today Staff, August 24, 2012; Image: Royal Navy