UK Military‘s Newest Operational Commander Receives Ceremonial Welcome

UK Military‘s Newest Operational Commander Receives Ceremonial Welcome

The UK military‘s newest 4* operational Commander received a ceremonial welcome in the best traditions of the Naval Service as he stepped over the brow to meet the Commanding Officer, Captain Alex Burton RN in Portland harbour in Dorset.

The ship was looking suitably dressed for the occasion, with multi-coloured signal flags raised on the mastheads to mark the opening of the 2012 Paralympic Games at the sailing venue.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach visited HMS Bulwark to meet the Ship’s Company providing the maritime force elements to support Dorset Police’s security plan at the Paralympic sailing event venue.

He was also briefed on the Maritime Force’s multi-agency, civil/military operation conducted at sea in Weymouth Bay supporting Dorset Police during this summer’s Olympic security operation.

Captain Burton demonstrated the versatile capabilities of the large Command and Control vessel taking the Air Chief Marshal on a guided tour of the Operations Room, large conference planning facilities, the dock, extensive vehicle deck, flight deck and bridge, speaking to many of the departmental specialists as they toured the ship.

As Commander JFC, Air Chief Marshal Peach has the responsibility for commanding and generating the joint capabilities allocated to the Command and setting the framework for joint enablers that sit within the Single Services.

The staff at Joint Forces Command are currently working to establish Full Operating Capability by April 2013.

The creation of the Joint Forces Command was a key recommendation in Lord Levene’s Defence Reform Report, which focussed on strategic planning and joint operations as part of a wider package of radical reform.

The JFC is a key part of this process by ensuring we continue to develop close working relationships between the three Services.

In this specific role, Air Chief Marshal Peach was particularly impressed in the way that Bulwark had used its planning and communications capabilities to integrate the Royal Navy quickly and effectively with civilian LOCOG staff and local police to provide security for the Olympic and Paralympic events, remarking:

I have always believed that the three military Services are stronger when they work together, Bulwark’s versatility shows that this is equally true of UK Defence’s support to civil authority.”

The Commander of the Joint Forces Command is the latest in a long line of hundreds of distinguished military and civilian dignitaries and their guests invited to HMS Bulwark over the past six weeks.

The Ship’s Company has been delighted to share their experience and considerable pride in serving on the Royal Navy’s Flagship during this exceptional summer of world class sport and ceremonial activity, relishing the opportunity to explain the life and ethos of the Royal Navy to the community that supports them.

Press Release, Septembar 3, 2012