Cubic to Develop CDLS Subsystem for US Navy

Cubic to Develop CDLS Subsystem for US Navy

Cubic has been awarded a contract by the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) to develop communications data link subsystem (CDLS) and other communications technology.

Under the $18.7m deal, the company will provide one CDLS and upgraded KI-11A security subsystems for installation onboard an aircraft carrier in support of anti-submarine warfare missions.

The multiple data links on the aircraft carrier will assist helicopters to conduct multiple simultaneous missions, such as anti-submarine warfare and other scheduled operations, while enhancing the battle group’s overall warfare capability.

Cubic Defense Applications director of military programmes Rob Janssen said: “Cubic is very sensitive to the fact that the communications data link subsystem is a critical enabler and a significant component in the deployed navy’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance communications network.”

With initial funding of $8.7m from SPAWAR, deliveries of the systems are scheduled to complete by February 2014.

Cubic has delivered 20 CDLS advanced communications systems to the navy since its initial production contract award in 2003, of which 13 systems have been already deployed aboard navy vessels.

Equipped with a high-speed wideband data link, the system features advanced software-programmable radios, an antenna and secure data link technology.

CDLS is the first system in the navy to feature interfaces enabling network-centric warfare.

Using multiple waveforms between reconnaissance aircraft sensors and associated surface ship processing systems, the systems transmit signal and imagery intelligence data to ensure quick and secure real-time spread of critical intelligence information to the fleet.

Press Release, Septembar 4, 2012